The best way to plan your social life.

InvyteMe helps find and create events for your friends and family, letting the group decide when and where to meet.

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Discover new events

All you events in one place, dinner, quiz night, board games night, festivals, concerts

Create events, let the group decide when to have the event with a deadline for when the group has vote.

How it Works

Create your event


Choose which dates

Select an initial date, then other days other side of that date can be chosen for invitess to vote on.


Virtual or in-person

Decide if you want to have a virtual event using Zoom or FaceTime or search for a venue, autocomplete will help your find the venue closest to you


Invyte friends

Let people know about your event, either by sharing a magic link or search for them in-app

Discover the latest events, tailored to your interests and previous events


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